Hosting Houesguests Workshop - Week 3 of 4

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The past few weeks we've covered preparing your home for guests and preparing meals and menu planning for guests. This week we are going over some ideas of things to do once your guests arrive. Here are a few tips of how to keep those guests entertained!

Before your guests arrive, research several different activities in your area to provide your guests with options. By doing this you are sure to find something that will cater to their interests. It is also helpful to search online for coupons or discounts, so the price will not turn your guests off from an activity.

If you are short on ideas of things to do around your town, contact the visitor’s bureau in your city or surrounding areas and ask for brochures. Local hotels and bed & breakfasts are also a great resource for finding fun activities for out-of-towners. Let your guests go over the brochures and pick a few activities that peak their interests.

Surprise your guests by planning an evening around their interests. Maybe they are big into antiques, if so, map out several antique shops in the area and take them on a tour! Perhaps they are big sports buffs; they would most likely enjoy tickets to a game or going out to a sports bar/restaurant.

Make sure you are aware of your guests’ plans to visit other friends or family while they are in town. If you have planned an activity that requires you and your guests to be somewhere at a certain date or time, let your guests know in advance.

Take advantage of the time you get to spend with your guests and do some of the things you’ve always wanted to, but never found time for. Go to that charming bakery for brunch, stroll down the historical part of town and look at the old homes, go to the city park for a picnic or rent a paddle boat at the lake!

Be aware of the type of guests you have staying with you. If your guest has come alone, ask for their input on things to do with you and your family. If a family is visiting, make sure the entertainment options are suitable for everyone, and that the activities are kid friendly.

Remember that your house guests are on vacation, allow them to find time for themselves to take a nap or read a book, if they choose. Do not over plan or over schedule the trip, the guests may feel like they need a vacation after their vacation!

Have a back up plan in case something falls through or the weather turns bad. Spending time playing cards, watching a movie or just chatting can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time!

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good tips! I just found this blog & it's got some great stuff for me; I'm a bit new to the domestic scene. I'm a new follower!