Vintage Book Planter With Cottage Hill

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I saw this project on Cottage Hill the other day, and fell in love! It's so simple and so unique, a definite conversation piece! I was so excited when Lindy agreed to share it with us!

Funny, I've never drilled a hole in a book before. I've tried
some pretty wacked out things but, nope, not this.

But, when I saw this....

And, this....
Better Homes and Gardens

I thought of making this book planter...

Simply hot glue the two books together, mark where you want your hole and using a 3" drill bit -- drill away! Do take it slow and easy. I used an empty sour cream container to pot my little plants after I slipped it in the hole, marked it, and cut it off to fit.

AND I have all of this left for another day.....

I love this project and I love the fact that when you are done, you have hundreds of pre-cut paper circles for another project! Lindy has such amazing taste and style! If you've never been to here site, you should go check it out HERE. She also has a etsy shop where she sells her beautiful, original oil paintings! Thanks again Lindy, for sharing your talent with us!

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Fotf said...

That's a funky idea, think of all the altered flowers you can makes with the left overs. I can see a wreath in your future. Distressed for Halloween :)

RedBettySummer said...

This is such a beautiful piece of art. I love the creativity. Thanks so much for sharing.