Chalkboard Paint

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It's nothing new, we've all seen a million walls, tables, etc done with chalkboard paint, but check out these fresh ideas! I'm loving all of them!

This project makes me what to go out and get myself a piano, I've seen several of them on craigslist for FREE...now if I only had the space in my house! Check it out @ The Modern Hive

Make your own custom colored chalkboard paint! Find out how @ Martha Stewart

What a cool way to organize! I love that you can change the contents of the box and name on the label so easily! See it over @ Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

I love everything over @ First A Dream, see how she transformed a screen door into this chalkboard! I love the size and how it frames it out!

The always impressive Amy @ The Idea Room has done it again, check out her chalkboard notebook!

These chalk rocks from Pottery Barn would be super simple to make yourself! I love to think of the endless possibilities these have!

Globes turned chalkboards over @ Natalie Putnam. She used these for a Star Wars party to let the kids "create their own planets"! How cute is that?

Now I just need to get over to Home Depot to pick up some chalkboard paint!

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love chalkboard paint! You really can use it on anything. The piano is especially cool!

Unknown said...

I have not (yet) anything painted with chalkboard paint. There is one thing I always wonder: are these surfaces possible to get cleaned at all? Or does the paint collect all the dust and stuff on it....? Even though funny and pretty I see it unpractical...:/

Chrissie said...

Great ideas, I love that piano!

Beth Eaton said...

Hmmmm...I jsut happen to have a cottage screen door laying aroudn that needs a little work. I'm thinking this owould be really neat to do with mine!

Melissa said...

Love the piano.

Home Hinges said...

Love the globes. I just did some pumpkins with chalkboard paint too. We love changing the faces. Chalkboard paint is awesome.
April @ HomeHinges.com