Please Remove Your Shoes Sign with How Does She

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How fun is this!  I always feel awkward asking people to take off their shoes when they come inside….now I don’t have to (at least not as much)!  This is a Please Remove Your Shoes sign/frame that hangs by my front door and I love it!  Just think of all the mud and snow you WON’T have to clean off the carpet:)


1.  These frames are at Michaels Craft for $1.  Just use fun paper and mod podge it on.
2.  Sand around the edges to remove overhang paper and you are finished.
3.  Apply your ‘Please Remove Your Shoes’ vinyl.
4.  I did stain the edges with an oak stain after I put the paper on.
5.  Drill 2 holes in the top of the frame (Note: I got glass cut at the local auto glass shop.  It was around $1.50/glass).  Make sure to drill before you put in your glass.
6.  Push ribbon through the hole.
7.  Tie a knot with the handle.  If you can’t find handles go to MyTalkingWalls.com
8.  Place a picture of your children’s feet in it . 
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Kelli said...

I love this!! We just moved into our new home and I have trying to find something cute to remind all of our visiting guest to take there shoes off. I think I will have to create this for our house. I love it!! Thanks for sharing!


Gwen said...

Cute idea!