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I came across Alisa's blog, The Sweet Life, the other day, and fell in love with this cute and simple project! Although I love to craft, most of the time my two little ones make it hard for me! This project is so quick and easy, anyone can do it! I can't wait to make them soon! Take it away Alisa!
IMG_8161I first made these pumpkins years ago when I was in charge of crafts for our MOPS group at church. They were so popular, we did them more than once. There are several variations of these floating around, but I thought I would share what I have found to work the best.
This is what you will need for each pumpkin:
1 roll of toilet paper
1 fat quarter of fabric {approx 22"x18"}
1 sheet of newspaper or tissue paper 1 stick about 4-5" long
1 12" piece of

Find a hard surface to work on. Lay out your fabric, wrong side up and then lay your sheet of paper on top of that. Place your tp roll in the middle.

Next you will use the palm of your hand and push straight down to squish your tp roll. {This way it won't look like a roll of tp you wrapped in fabric when your done.}

Grab the corners of the paper and bring them to the middle and tuck into the center of the tp roll. Make sure to tuck the shorter sides in under the longer corners so it is all secure, but please don't worry about it being perfect.

Next you will do the same thing with the fabric. Bring the shorter sides up first and work them into the middle and then bring up the corners to tuck in, gathering all the way around so that all ends get tucked in. It won't be perfect, but that is ok. Each one will look different in shape and fluff. You can even use a half empty roll to make a smaller one like my orange one in the first picture.

IMG_8123See? not so perfect, but pretty cute.

Last thing is to shove your stick right down in the middle and tie a bow around it. The stick should fit pretty snuggly, but you can hot glue it if you want.

I'm too lazy to heat up my glue gun if it isn't absolutely necessary so mine is not glued. {Plus, if I glue it then I can't unwrap it and use that roll of tp in an emergency....you can really never be too prepared}

These are super inexpensive so you can make lots and use them all over the house. One of my favorite ways to display them is to line them up the edge of my stairs on every other step. It won't even matter when your kids knock them over because they can't really be broken. I don't know about you, but that's important around my house.

Happy crafting and let fall begin!!
Thanks so much Alisa, for sharing your cute project with us! To see more ideas from Alisa including yummy recipes and fun crafts, visit her blog, The Sweet Life or check out her cute etsy shop.

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This is seriously an ADORABLE idea! I love it!

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That is CRAZY fun and easy!! Thank you!!

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This is such a cute idea! I am going to give it a try.

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Great and easy idea! Never would have guessed that was underneath there! Love it. :)

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clever and dual purpose. luv it.

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Love it, I just linked you!
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Suuuper cute!

Thanks for sharing your great idea!

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