Cookie Fun Workshop- Week 4 of 4

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Have you been baking away?  I hope you have enjoyed my sugar cookie and royal icing tips in the past few weeks.  Today we're going to talk about what to do with all of those finished masterpieces, because I'm a believer in "presentation."  If  you watch Iron Chef, you know that if you don't get those presentation points, it can cost you a win.  Haha!  Oh no, I'm side-tracked already!

The best thing about using royal icing instead of buttercream is that they are easy to package and give as gifts or favors.  The frosting will dry, so you don't have to worry about smudging!

Most of the time I stick with my tried and true cellophane bags.  I stock up and buy them in packs of 100.  I think it's a good investment if you plan on making cookies often.  I stand by my philosophy that everything looks great with a cellophane bag, ribbon and a tag!  This was a 1st day of school gesture for my kids to bring to their teachers:

Even better, a whole basket full of cellophane bags and cookies:

My sister and I also use the old bag topper technique.  Just fold over a piece of cardstock and staple.  

Pastry and candy boxes are also great!  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I love the clear boxes because it allows you to show off your cookie even more!  These wedding ring cookies (with fabulous disco dust) make great shower favors.  Just put the tulle underneath to keep it from shaking and breaking.

Then a put the lid and a bow on.  But you can still see the cookie!  

I showed you in the first post, how to put your cookies on sticks.  Put them in before you bake them and you will end up with a cookie bouquet!  These mustaches are much more fun on a stick!

They can also make a beautiful little gift in a pot or made into an edible centerpiece.

Just walk the aisles of your local craft store and you will find fun things to put your cookies in.  Like paint cans:

And mail cookies, look so much better in a mailbox.

How about a cookie in a party invitation?  That will get the kids really excited to come!  It's like an advanced party favor!  What a deal!  Kathryn (my sis) designed this darling invitation:

With this cookie inside:

You can pull out the insert that holds the cookie.

Then just untie to get the cookie!  I love it!  I think my sister should do a tutorial on how to make these pull out invitations, don't you?

So, don't stop having fun when you're done with the cookies.  A beautifully decorated and packaged cookie can make a thoughtful and creative gift!

I have to thank Stephanie and Megan for having me as a guest on their blog.  It has been a lot of fun to write out my thoughts and techniques for cookies.  I hope you will continue to follow and check in on our blog and I'll be sure to post plenty of cookies for you!  Come see all of the other things we've been up to too!
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Ok, that was one of the cutest workshops EVER! Isn't Ashleigh amazing? I am determined to try her techniques and make some dang cute cookies from now until forever! Please visit her site, and visit often- she has so much creativity bouncing around there you are sure to be inspired! Thanks again Ashleigh!


Ginny said...

Ashleigh! I am quaking in my boots over here. You're a tough gig to follow! Your posts were AMAZING. So precious. Gorgeous. Perfectly explanatory. WOW!

I think I can actually decorate a cookie now and not have it look like my 2-year-old did it. All thanks to you!

Great job!

Ginny from Cooking with Chopin, Living with Elmo

lajamison said...

I would love a tutorial on the cookie invitation. Please let us know when your sister has made it. Thank you, Thank you!

Kelley said...

I have loved this segment! You really took the "scariness" out of trying these cookies and icing techniques...Thank you!