Knotted Jute Vase with Dream Home

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Today I want to introduce to you the super creative and talented Kasia from Dream Home! Her site has tons of cute ideas and she was sweet enough to share one of them with us today!


{from Ballard Designs}

Have you seen those vases/bottles from Ballard Design and Pottery Barn? If not, see above. Well, BD wants 60$ for the mid-size one. They're a nice beachy touch, and although I'm not into that trend in a big way, I do think it's silly that they charge so much for something that you can make for free. Here's what I used:
I had another of the vinegar jugs that I used in this post, but I've seen similar items at consignment shops. The twine was a buck at Target, and I got it forever ago, so I'm not counting it as costing anything. And I probably stole the scissors from my mom's house.
To start, I tied a ring around the top, where I wanted the netting to start.
Then I cut 8 lengths of twine, each of them about 4 times the height of my jug. I tied them around the starting ring so they hung down in two equal strings. Like so:
{First I tied 4 of them at NSE and W, then tied the other 4 in between to make sure my spacing was even}
Then I started tying strings together. Adjacent strings, coming from 2 different knots above.
{This was after one round of knot tying}
{After eleven rounds- all done)
After that I pulled the threads tight across the bottom and tied them to a string across from them:
{I'm holding it in my feet}
Finished! It's all just square knots. Not bad, eh?


Thanks for sharing some of your creativity with us today Kasia! To see more of Kasia's great ideas, hop on over to Dream Home!

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Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block said...

What a great idea! I always love a good PB knock off! :) Great job!!