Framed Bathrrom Mirror with Blue Cricket Design

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Megan and I are excited to introduce Becca, from Blue Cricket Design. She is also our sister in law and we LOVE her and all her ideas! This particular tutorial is one I want to have her do for me in my home. Now I just need to lure her to Arizona...
Take it away Becca!

I can finally check something off my "To Do" list and I'm happy to brag that I did it all by myself! From start to finish I framed out our bathroom mirror. While my husband was out of the country for two plus weeks I got busy trying to surprise him with a fun bathroom makeover!

Here's my before:Standard builder issued large mirror glued to the wall. Plane, simple and begging for a makeover!
Materials Needed:
Molding Trim and a Miter Box (see below for details on this)
Liquid Nails
Paintable Caulking
Painters Tape

First things first... Measure your mirror. I planned on gluing my molding directly on top of the mirror so I measured the exact size of my mirror. Measure twice to be 100% sure! Take your measurements with you to Home Depot or Lowes. Pick out the molding you like and have the worker cut them into four sizes at least 6 inches longer then the length you need for each section. This will make cutting them more manageable.

If you go to Home Depot they will have a self serve cutting station with a Miter Box that you are welcomed to use. You can also buy a miter box for less then $10 to make your cuts at home. Lay out your four pieces of molding and measure and mark your cutting lines knowing which direction your 45 degree angle will go.

Cut your angels and head home with the hardest part behind you!

Next, paint your moldings and once the front is dry you will also want to paint a small section of the back side. (You will see a reflection in the mirror of the back so you'll want to paint it!)

Add a strip of Liquid Nails but keep it at least an inch away from the edges.

Start with the bottom section and firmly press on your piece of molding. Use a level to make sure it's nice and level. This will help make sure each of the other pieces fit perfectly!

Use painters tape to help keep each section in place. Let dry over night.

Use Clear paintable Caulking to fill in the edges and cracks that will inevitable appear after it settles and dries.

Smooth the excess caulking with your fingers and wipe smooth. Let it dry according to the directions and then paint over your caulking.

And there you go!

So easy! Such a dramatic change! And talk about an affordable home improvement...
I had to ask myself once I was done why I hadn't done this sooner! This really is probably the simplest project with a huge payoff in the end. I love how it looks!

Molding: .98 cents a foot
Liquid Nails: $4
Caulking: $2
Paint: $8

Total cost for all my supply's:$30

And now besides the molding, I have everything I need to do my two others bathrooms!

See more of Becca's creativity on her site Blue Cricket Design

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Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Framing a bare mirror like that is so classy!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing these great instructions; I have a bathroom mirror I'd love to frame!

~BridgetL~ said...

Awesome job. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and now I think with your instructions I can do this. Thanks and it looks great :)

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