5 Simple Kitchen Updates

Pin It 1. Update The Hardware On Your Cabinets
Even though it may seem small, cabinet hardware can have a big impact on your kitchen. Switching out your old brassy knobs and pulls to brushed nickel or bronze will create a whole new decorative feel. For some good deals on designer knobs try overstock.com or ebay. For an even better deal, try spray painting your existing hardware for a more updated look!

2. Add Color To Your Walls
A fresh coat of paint is like a face lift for a room. The color you choose will help set the tone for your entire kitchen - warm reds and golden yellows for a Tuscan look, neutrals to make a traditional classic or vibrant greens and blues for a more modern feel.

3. Put Up Some Shelves
Installing shelves is a simple, modern way to free up counter space from small appliances you don’t need often or to add colorful decorative accent pieces to your kitchen. You could also use them to store and display your dinnerware for an “open cabinetry” look.

4. Replace Your Faucets
Faucets are probably the most used item in the kitchen, so why not make it something you love? You can update your faucet fairly inexpensively, adding a refreshed look to your sink area and also lowering water and energy costs. Not to mention having something to smile about while you do your dishes!

5. Refinish Your Cabinets
It’s not hard to find a “how to” on the internet for refinishing your cabinets. I’ve been tempted more than enough times to paint my own, but the thought of getting in big trouble with our property managers has stopped me! Try a faux finish or add some detailed painting to create highlights and shadows that give the sense of depth. You could also take out the center face of a cabinet door and install a glass front.

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Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Great ideas! Saving this to my files for when we are ready to update things around here. Thanks!

Gretta said...

I felt like I just lived out your post. We are almost finished with our complete kitchen remodel. We spray painted our hardware, sanded & stained our cabinets, painted the walls & brick fireplace and replaced flooring. We even did a "trick" to refresh our countertops. I plan to do a post about it in a few weeks & I will send you the link when its up.

Megan said...

Sounds awesome Gretta! I can't wait to see it!

Beth said...

Great ideas!