Love it or Lose it Challenge, week 1 of 4

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Love it or Lose it

Hello ladies, Katie P here from Food, Wine, & Mod Podge! How did your first week attacking your closet go?
(If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click HERE for the details.)
My first week went pretty well. I chose two tops: a grey button-up cardigan and a blue casual shirt.

Item #1:

Number 1 full

What I like about this sweater:

I love that it’s grey. I love grey in the winter.
I love that it’s soft and warm.
I love that the button hole side of the sweater has a flap over the holes to cover the buttons up.
And, most of all, I love the zip up pockets.

Number 1 pocket

Why I don’t wear this sweater:

The zip up pockets.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I love the idea of the zip up pockets, but in real life, after putting this sweater on and wearing it for about an hour, it looks like this:

Number 1 problem

At the point of taking this picture, I had decided that was enough, goodbye sweater!

…and then my husband walked into the room.

Me: “This is the first sweater I’m trying on for Love It or Lose It!”

Husband: “Why? I love that sweater on you. It’s one of my favorite sweaters on you. At least top 10% of your wardrobe.”

Me: “Oh… What about this lumpy part? The part where the pockets bunch up and create unnecessary bulk? That’s not attractive!”

Husband: “I don’t notice it. I just think it fits well everywhere else. And if that part bothers you so much, just cut out the pockets underneath and sew it up.”

He had a good point. I hadn’t thought to just remove the part that was giving me grief!

Lo and behold, no more pockets:

Number 1 fixed

Salvaged, and with a fix that will actually make me wear it more!

Now on to Item #2!

Number 2 full

Why I like this shirt:

It’s long. And I’m tall. And they make women’s pants too low. I just feel more comfortable in long tops.
The ruching on the sleeves.
The little nubs along the neckline.

Number 2 nubs

Why I don’t wear this shirt:

Honestly, it was a grab and go shirt. AKA, I didn’t try it on. I know, I know, cardinal sin! But I liked the concept of the shirt so much, and I was already in line (a very long line) to check out, and I didn’t want to get out. So I bought it, got it home, and honestly, it’s a little tighter than I prefer. But long shirts are so hard to find that I for some reason kept hanging on to this one.

The Verdict:

Well, no pictures necessary, because it really is too tight. It’s just not flattering. I could probably go in public and not have trash thrown at me, but I certainly won’t be turning any heads. At least not in the classy way. So hopefully some tall skinny teenie bopper will find it and love it the way I wanted to.

To wrap things up, this was a pretty good week. I had one item that found its way back into my rotation of clothes, and one item that found its way to the charity bag. 2 items down, 7 to go!

Week 1 summary

How did your week go? Were you able to sort through any items in your closet? Any surprises? Feel free to link up your posts to your first week below!


Chrissy said...

Hi, I just found your blog, through Sweet Something Design.
Oh wow, I just "love" this idea. However, I always seem to "love" everything or "hate" everything and believe me my clost shows it. I better get with the program here :)
Thanks for sharing your process of elimination.

Tanya said...

smart hubby!

RedBettySummer said...

Great fix! You do have a smart hubby. I have been hearing people talking about this very idea so I am excited to participate in this challenge and blog about it. See you next Wed.

Rhiannon said...

what a sweet hubby mine would have never said something like that!

Nathalie said...

GREAT posts! and Great challenge! I am off to check the first post :)

Ruth said...

Thanks! This is a great challenge! I am so glad I am doing it!