E-A-T in the Kitchen

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I wanted E-A-T on my kitchen walls above my cupboards, but my search for the perfect wood letters never panned out. (Ok, so I only spent 1 day looking, but I don't exactly have the best patience!)

And then one night it hit me- vinyl letters!!! I quickly got on the computer, made some lettering and ta-da! I love how they turned out! Just the "something" my kitchen needed!

If you've never worked with vinyl before, here's what I did, step by step. (After making the letters, of course!)

Items Needed:
-A surface (walls, wood, tile etc.)

1. Place vinyl decals with masking on desired surface. Rub with a credit card or squeegee over the masking to make sure the decals stick to the surface.

2. Carefully pull back on the masking to remove it.

3. And you're done!

Here's what my kitchen looks like now! LETS EAT! (This isn't the best picture 'cause you can't see the E, but its there, I promise!)

CAUTION: A friend of a friend used this idea, but from most of the angles in her kitchen the bottom line of the E is covered by the crown molding on her cupboards, so instead of saying E-A-T, it looks like F-A-T... so make sure your letters stand a bit taller than your cupboards or you'll have the same problem!

(Originally posted on somewhat simple in July 2009)


Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

That is GREAT! I've been wanting to do EAT in my kitchen too, and I love the idea of putting it on plates! :) So clever!

Erin :)

Amy K said...

Excellent. Your plate colors are great too. I love working with vinyl.

jenni d said...

Love it! How did you make the vinyl letters?

jenni d said...
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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I have a vinyl machine that does all the work for me! So easy! If you need letters, email me and I can see about sending you some!