Love it or Lose it Challenge, week 2 of 4

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Love it or Lose it

Well hello! Katie P here, from Food, Wine, & Mod Podge! How did Week 2 of Love It or Lose It go for you? If you’re just joining us for the first time for this challenge, you can go here for the full rundown!

This week, with all the New Year’s resolution motivation flying around, I felt particularly adventurous and chose three items for the week.

Item #1:

Number 3

What I like about this jacket:

It came with a suit that I absolutely loved. In fact, it was the first suit I ever purchased. I felt unstoppable in it. But over the years the pants got a little too tight (and with pinstripes, even a little too tight looks awful). I still held on to the jacket though, to wear as a blazer with nice jeans.

Why I don’t wear this jacket:

I rarely find myself needing to wear a blazer with jeans, and it’s not the nicest material (being my first suit purchase, it wasn’t very expensive).

The Verdict:

Lose it. 100% gone. It’s been so long since I’ve worn it, that I see now how poorly it fits, and probably how poorly it has always fit. But since it was my first suit, I didn’t know any better! Hopefully it will make some other girl happy as her first suit before she too knows any better.

Item #2!

Number 4 full

Why I like it:

I love argyle.
I love grey.
Enough said.

Why I don’t wear it:

It’s a wee bit low cut for me, and a little short. But that’s it. Wait, why I was I overlooking it again?

Problem solved!

Number 4 fix

Cream lace cami does the trick perfectly! Love it again!

Now on to the last item, #3!

Number 5 full

Why I like this top:

It’s long. And I’m tall. I feel like I said this before, like last week…

Why I don’t wear it:

Exactly the same reason I don’t wear the other long top I decided to lose just last week! I like the concept of the top so much (length, ruching up the sides, etc.) but in reality, it is just not flattering.

The Verdict:

No pictures necessary, it’s time to part ways!

Week 2 summary

This week, two pieces found their way to the charity bag, and my closet got a little bit more space. But I also got one piece back into my clothing rotation!

How did week 2 go for you? Did you make some room in your closet? Or did you reunite with a long lost love? Link up your triumphs and tragedies below!

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Anonymous said...

I really like this idea! I have so many things in my closet that I just can't seem to make myself part with. I realized last night that I wear the same 10 outfits because I think I don't like the rest of my clothes. It's time to start digging them out and really figure out if it's worth keeping them all! Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be charting my progress on my own blog (with a link to yours, of course). http://thecozyhome.blogspot.com