Clean and Organize with A Bowl Full of Lemons

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Now could not be a better time to go check out A Bowl Full of Lemons, if you haven't already done so! With all the resolutions and goals about to be made, Toni's blog is the PERFECT place for inspiration on cleaning and organizing your home! She's got so many great tips and inspiring before and after pictures, it makes me ALMOST wish we weren't about to go out of town, so I could get busy cleaning and organizing my own home! Here are some of her afters, you'll have to go check out her site to see the amazing transformations!

And my personal favorite, organizing your purse! After the holidays, I have a TON of receipts, my purse could definitely use and overhaul!

That was just a few of her inspiring organization projects! I'll let you go check out her site to discover the rest! I hope everyone has a very happy and decluttered/organized new year!

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christina said...

Im going to have to join in! I need some reorganizing!!

Unknown said...

Megan, You did a fabulous job on the post. Thank you SO much for featuring me today. ps. I started a 21 day challenge on my blog today. Well it doesnt start until January 1st, so if you are serious about getting organized... you should join me!!


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I've checked out that blog before. Great blog! I'm starting to get inspired to do some cleaning/organizing in January!

alex o said...

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