Hosting Houseguests Workshop-Week 4 of 4

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Houseguests Heading Home!

Welcome to our fourth and final week of our Hosting Houseguests workshop! I hope it's been informative for you! I've actually learned a lot from writing it!
After a fun filled visit, your house guests are on their way home! Most people think it's the guest that should leave a gift or thank you note, but why not send your guests home with a little "thanks for coming" gift! I think a small gift can show your appreciation for all of the traveling they've done, and all the expenses they've incurred. You can make it something practical, like a travel bag, filled with goodies for their trip home, or something sentimental, like a photo book of their visit!


•ear plugs
•eye mask
•magazine or other reading material
•pain killer
•small snack or candy bar
•chewing gum
•hand sanitizer
•wet wipes
•small travel lotion

•mapquest or map to their destination
•book on cd or mix cd of road trip tunes
•list of fun stops along the way
•small travel games (if there are kids)
•snacks or homemade treats
•caffeinated drinks to help them stay awake!
•pain killer
•hand sanitizer
•wet wipes
•travel lotion

~Wrap it all up in a bag that cinches to make it easy to travel with!~

For the photo book, you could print out several photos from the trip at a 1 hour photo, and place them all in a small album. If it was an especially fun trip, you could make a hardcover photo book online and have it shipped to their house! A friend of mine just informed me that you can buy promo codes on ebay for places like snapfish and shutterfly, for just a few dollars. Some of the codes are for free books! This would be an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for houseguests to receive!

Now all you have to do is get your house put back together ! :) I found a great article about getting that done here.

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