Cupcake Love Workshop- Week 3 of 4

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{Cupcake ♥ Love Workshop} Week Three: How'd They Do That?
Welcome back to Crazy Domestic and another Cupcake ♥ Love Workshop.  This week I'll be showing you some different piping techniques and we'll have a little fun with decorating our cupcakes.
You can start decorating your cupcakes before you even bake them.  I have a bit of an obsession and have started a little collection of cupcake liners. My favorite go to liners are delicious chocolate brown, I think they're a little more fun than the traditional white or pastels. However, if you're looking for something special Bake It Pretty and Cupcake Social are the places to go. From zebra to polka dots, they're sure to have what you're looking for.
I love when everything coordinates at an event and there's no reason why your cupcakes can't join in the fun. One simple way to make your cupcakes pop is to add some color. You can use any food coloring you like, my favorites are the Americolor soft gel pastes.  They come in over 40 different colors, so you don't have to worry about mixing your own.
Sprinkles, Sugars, Jimmies, oh my!
I love decorating with edible decorations, especially colored sugars. It gives a glittery effect to your cupcake and who doesn't love things that sparkle.  There are several different online vendors, but my favorite is Sugarcraft.  They have an incredible selection of baking supplies and are very reasonably priced.  To store all of my decorations I use 8 to 32 ounce deli containers and keep them organized with these cute printable labels. 
Here's a sweet treat from Tweedle Dee Designs to help you keep all of your cupcake goodies organized!
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Printable Cupcake Toppers are a great way to finish off a cupcake.  They're easy to use and super cute. Simply print, cut or punch and attach to a 4" lollipop stick.  Visit my Etsy Shop for an adorable variety of cupcake toppers, as well as, other coordinating printable items.
{Piping Techniques}
Using a piping bag and decorating tip is super easy. 
1.  Place your decorating tip inside your piping bag.  If using a disposable bag, you will need to cut the tip of your bag.  Make sure not too cut to much, you don't want your tip to fall through.
2.  Fill your piping bag with frosting and twist the top of the bag.  This will create pressure so you will have an even flow of frosting.  
3.  Place your cupcake on a flat surface.  Hold the top of your piping bag between your thumb and forefinger and the bottom of the bag with your other hand.
4. Start on the outside of your cupcake and in a clockwise motion pipe your frosting.
5.  If you're building your frosting upwards (as shown in the above photo) continue piping layers of frosting until a yummy frosting peak is created. 
Make sure to come back next Wednesday for more Cupcake ♥ Love and another FREE download! In the meantime, visit the Tweedle Dee Designs Blog and Etsy Shop for some delicious party inspiration, sweet treats and more.


Janet Ellis said...

Love all the different ways you can decorate a simple cupcake. It can be as unique as you want. Love the rainbow assortment.

Brandi said...

The rainbow was my favorite too!

Pamela Smerker said...

Absolutely amazing photos AGAIN! Love those rainbow cupcakes and the labels are fabulous!!

Just a Bite Desserts said...

Great post! I love the chocolate brown liners too, they make the cupcakes pop almost as much as the great frosting colors you used.

Brandi said...

Thanks Paula! I do love lot's of different liners, but always seem to go back to the chocolate brown.