Summer Declutter Workshop- Week 2 of 4

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It's Week 2 of the easy, breezy Summer Declutter here at Crazy Domestic - what hot spot did you  tackle last week?  If you're new to this workshop, make sure you grab a Summer Declutter printable to keep track of your progress.  Pour yourself some lemonade, turn on some tunes and gear up for your next area to declutter.  I'm going to declutter my master bedroom closet this week.  The closet itself is huge and therein lies the biggest challenge - how to optimize the space.

Come on in ....

Following the format of the Summer Declutter, I did a quick empty of everything that didn't  belong in the closet.  
Then I went through clothes and sorted and tossed - some things went in the garbage, others to Goodwill.

Then I grouped clothes together by season and then by color - light to dark and in rainbow order.  I also grouped accessories together to make them easier to access.

And the last step was to put everything away - back where it belongs in a decluttered closet.   I also added a new laundry system.  I couldn't pass these hampers up - on clearance at my favorite big box store.  I put two together to make a his and hers laundry sorting system.  Wouldn't his and hers vinyl above the hampers be cute?

Here's my master bedroom closet completed:

I hope you're having fun decluttering this month - need a couple cute labels for something  you're organizing?  Go here and grab some - just for you and all your hard work.

You can find me at my little bloggy spot Clean Mama - I'd love for you to stop by and see what I'm up to the rest of the week -  see you here next week!


Tanya said...

Ummm, I want your closet...it's bigger than my kids' bedrooms!

Megan said...

what a HUGE closet!!! I think I could fit my entire bedroom in there! Your after looks great, I'm inspired!

Janna said...

Wow! I'm glad I don't have that closet, it would be filled with A LOT more stuff that you've got. I'm motivated to work on mine--thanks!