Fabric Wall Art

Pin It Recently my husband and I converted our office into a bedroom for our 3 year old daughter. We're currently renting our house and we're going to be moving in a year, so I didn't want to go to crazy with a theme or decor and spend a lot of money. I've seen fabric wall art all over the place lately and since it's such a cheap and easy way to add color to a space I thought it would be perfect for our little lady's room! This project was so quick and easy, anyone can do it!


What you need:
• a wooden frame, premade or you can make your own as seen on BCD
• 1 yard of fabric (or enough to cover your frame)
• a glue gun or a staple gun

How to do it:
1. Lay your fabric face down and place your frame face down on top of the fabric

2. Pull your fabric over and glue or staple it down the entire length of one side of the frame. When finished move to the opposite side of the frame and glue the fabric down pulling it tight the whole way.

3. The next two sides are like wrapping a present. Fold, pull tight and glue.

4. Cut away any extra fabric and enjoy your work! My frame already had hangers on the back so I just cut away the fabric that was covering them and hung it up!


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Great solution!

Wendy said...

This is so cool, I would do something thrifty like this. Thanks for showing me how!